本文摘要:Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled a viral tool that claimed to be able to guess your age from a single photo.今年早些时候,微软公司公布了一款能看照片猜中年龄的工具,并可怕传播出去。


Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled a viral tool that claimed to be able to guess your age from a single photo.今年早些时候,微软公司公布了一款能看照片猜中年龄的工具,并可怕传播出去。Outraged 20 year-olds took to social media when they were told they looked 40, while middle-aged men were given a boost when the software said they looked 30.20多岁的年轻人被告诉看上去像40岁,气愤地无视社交媒体。

而中年人则倍受激励,因为软件说道他们看上去像30岁。Now, Microsoft is doing the same thing with emotions, with a new online tool that they say can reveal how a person is really feeling in their images.如今,微软公司于是以兴致勃勃地做到着某种程度事情——公布一款需要表明图片中人现实感觉的网络工具。When tested on celebrities, it found Kate Middleton was elated on her wedding day, with the Duchess of Cambridge scoring a 100 percent rating on happiness.经过对各位名人的测试,该软件找到凯特·米德尔顿在她的婚礼上十分快乐,剑桥公爵夫人的快乐度超过了100%。Meanwhile, Kim Kardashians neutral face in a photo snapped while with husband, Kanye revealed that she was around 70 percent happy.而同时,在无意间拍下的一张金·卡戴珊与老公坎耶的合影中,卡戴珊“沉闷的表情”指出,她的高兴约占到70%。

The remainder of her emotions range from contempt to anger and disgust.只剩的情绪则还包括侮辱、气愤和反感。And while Taylor Swift may appear elated, her image shows that shes only around 40 percent happy.而尽管泰勒·斯威夫特看上去兴高采烈。照片指出,她的快乐只占到40%。


According to Microsoft, when accepting the Video of the Year award for Bad Blood, the singer was also 10 percent surprised.根据微软公司的信息,在因《敌对》(Bad Blood)取得年度最佳视频奖时,这位歌手的情绪中还有10%的吃惊。Republican presidential candidate Donald Trumps look at Senator Marco Rubio yesterday betrayed contempt mixed a degree of happiness.昨天,共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普看向参议员马可·鲁比奥的表情背叛了他。那是种侮辱混合着或许的快乐。

The software will take any photograph you upload, identify the faces, and then give each a score based on a series of different emotions.该软件能拒绝接受任何图片上载,辨识面部,然后按照有所不同的情绪分别评分。It provides a rating for anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise - and anyone can test a trial version here.它可以评估气愤、侮辱、反感、不安、幸福、哀伤和吃惊——任何人都可以用试用版展开测试。You can upload your own images of your own face, which must be at least 36 pixels square and smaller than 4MB.你可以上载自己的正面照,但图片必需最少为36正方形像素,大于4MB。


To see how the software thinks youre feeling, hover over the rectangle around face and youll see different emotions graded on a scale from zero to one.要取得软件对你感觉的理解,请求将鼠标悬停在面部周围的矩形区域内,就不会经常出现从0~1的有所不同感情评分。A score of one suggests that youre feeling that emotion 100 percent.1分回应目前这种情绪超过100%。Chris Bishop, head of Microsoft Research Cambridge, showed off the emotion tool earlier today in a keynote talk at Future Decoded, a Microsoft conference.在今天早些时候在微软公司会议Future Decoded的主题报告上,微软公司剑桥研究中心主任克里斯·毕修普展出了这款情绪项目管理软件。

The exciting thing has been how much interest there is and how diverse the response is, said Ryan Galgon, a senior program manager within Microsofts Technology and Research group.“令人兴奋的要数其中的趣味性与对此的多样性,”微软公司技术研究部门高级项目经理赖恩·加尔贡(Ryan Galgon)说。The software is based on machine learning, which means it gets smarter as it receives more data.这款软件基于机器学习原理,也就是说拒绝接受的数据就越多,软件就就越聪慧。Its the basis for major breakthroughs including Skype Translators real-time translation and Microsofts Cortana personal assistant.还包括Skype Translator的动态翻译成、微软公司小娜个人助手等根本性技术突破都是创建在该原理之上。

In the case of something like facial recognition, the system can learn to recognise certain traits from a training set of pictures it receives.在面部辨识等情况下,系统需要根据此前输出的一整套训练图片辨识某些情绪特征。It can then apply that information to identify facial features in new pictures it sees.随后,它之后可以用于这些信息辨识图片中的面部特征。Galgon said developers might want to use these tools to create systems that marketers can use to gauge peoples reaction to a store display, film or food.加尔贡说道,研究人员期望用这些工具研发各种系统,可供营销商测试人们对商品放置、电影或食物的反应。

They might also find them valuable for creating a tool, such as a messaging app, that offers up different options based on what emotion it recognises in a photo.他们有可能还不会用来研发应用于,如消息传输app,这种应用于能根据图片中辨识的情绪明确提出有所不同自由选择。